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"On one of my recent home sales, another lender that
was selected by my buyer, failed to get him a VA loan
and wanted him to go with conventional financing
instead. Larry took the file over, got my client a VA
loan and got them into their house in 14 days!
Normally it takes about 30 days to get a VA loan.
I've never seen anyone get a VA loan that quickly."

Century 21 Wright

"Larry was such a pleasure to work with. He was
professional, timely, and he always offered the best
customer service. I will make it a point to refer my
friends and colleagues to Larry Locke".

Temecula, California

"The lender that we had originally selected for the
loan on our new home, called us one week before we
were supposed to close escrow to tell us that he would
not be able to fund our loan. We were devastated. We
talked to Larry on Friday afternoon, he came to our
house on Sunday, we signed our loan documents on
Tuesday, funded our loan on Thursday and closed our
escrow on Friday. He did the entire loan in one week
and we closed escrow right on time!"

Temecula, California

"Because of Larry's diligence, efficiency,
professionalism, and hustle, at least three escrows
were saved in our recent business transaction.
Needless to say, three buyers/sellers and two real
estate agents are eternally grateful to Larry for his
hard work in pulling this all together."

Century 21 Wright



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